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MediCare has over twenty-five years experience and provides international medical insurance to expatriates and their families. Benefits range from those covering large events or emergencies through to dental and maternity care. They offer individual and group policies
The level of cover MediCare offer to individuals and groups are both either as International, International Plus, Executive or Executive Plus. Medicare International is the international health care division of LONMAR Global Risks Limited

As part of our our exclusive interview series we caught up with Medicare’s Senior Executive Director, David Pryor (pictured left) to discuss the predicted trends for the international health insurance market and much more. You can read the full interview below.

What is it that makes MediCare unique?

MediCare International Limited is a small Managing General Agent with a long history in the international health insurance market. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver top quality insurance products at a competitive price. We offer exceptional customer service for both policy and claims administration. We settle agreed claims usually within two or three days and in the vast majority of cases in under a week, that speed of service alone sets us apart from many competitors.

We are known for our "can do” and flexible approach to underwriting and will work extensively with clients to build bespoke solutions to complex cover requirement challenges.

Our chronic care cover and our ability to support clients working in passive war zones also sets us apart from competitors.

In response to client pressures in the area of cost control, last year we rolled out a comprehensive excess package, which allows for discounts of up to 40% on premiums for individual business.

Our multi-currency online buying service available on MediCare.co.uk is, we believe, substantially ahead of most competitors in the ease of buying and service options it is able to deliver to clients worldwide.

We are constantly looking for ways to limit costs, but our experience tells us that when a client needs to make a claim, they will not settle for cut down cover.


What direction or increased specialisation do you see MediCare taking in the future? What are the future plans for the company?

MediCare International will continue with its core offering of top quality international health insurance for both individual subscribers and corporate groups and our commitment to personal and effective service will remain at the core of everything we do.

However we have plans to roll out complementary products such as term life , disability personal accident and kidnap and ransom insurance

What future trends do you see emerging for the international health insurance industry?

As premiums continue to rise, I see customers electing to reduce costs by taking higher amounts of self-insurance in the form of higher first call deductibles. We are constantly looking for ways to limit costs, but our experience tells us that when a client needs to make a claim, they will not settle for cut down cover. As a result, we have responded with our innovative excess strategy which allows for clients to reduce premiums by up to 40% in some circumstances. The quality of the service, however, remains the same, so in the event of a claim, the client has peace of mind, knowing they have access to the highest levels of medical care.

What does your typical day at MediCare involve?

Managerially, we are a very flat organisation, so I and all of my Executive colleagues have a hands-on role in the day to day running of the business. My typical day involves meetings with our underwriters, talking to introducing brokers to understanding their particular needs. That will then feed back into new product ideas. Equally, I might become involved in the detail of a complex claim.

What part of your role at MediCare gives you the most satisfaction?

I’d say the part of my job that gives me most satisfaction is talking face to face with clients and introducing brokers. The variety of issues we have to address never ceases to amaze me, but equally , it gives me first hand feedback on the issues which are affecting our business today and as such that helps us to stay one step ahead.

What are some of your key policies and the essential key differences between them?

We offer four levels of cover under both our individual and group plans. The basic cover level, the International Plan offers major medical insurance with additional bolt on benefits. The other cover levels include various levels of outpatient cover right through to our top level, the Executive Plus Plan, which include outpatient psychiatric treatment, maternity, a wellness benefit and routine dental treatment.

Each plan had been designed to suit a different demographic, so we can offer cover to suit the young and old, single workers and those with or without families.

Our experience has taught us that it is in areas such as chronic care cover and in some of the more dangerous parts of the world that insurance is vital. Naturally our policies cover the major medical events you would expect, but clients also need the day to day assurance that they can visit a GP or have their children vaccinated. All of this is available through our policies, as is cover for chronic care costs and cover in passive war zones – very popular with aid and reconstruction workers, for example, who have an absolute need for a safety net in the job that they do.

MediCare has experience going back for over 25 years. What do you see as being some of the milestones and key moments of change in direction or focus over this period of time?

In 2002, after historically outsourcing policy and claims administration for many years, we took the strategic decision to bring everything in-house. It was the best thing we ever did as it has enabled us to deliver an unrivalled service to our clients and introducing brokers. We are able to monitor and measure our service standards on a day to day basis. Making our website fully integrated and offering online, multi-currency buying of policies, so clients can log on, receive a quote and buy cover in less than five minutes was an important step forward for us too.

What are also some of the key changes and developments that have happened in a more contemporary sense, over the last few years or so?

At a country level, we are seeing more and more changes which as an insurer, we need to stay on top of. Many countries now require expatriate workers to have cover in place as part of their visa conditions. For others, licensing has become a significant issue in recent years. In many countries now you simply cannot offer cover on a non-admitted basis. There must be a properly licensed fronting insurer in place to comply with local insurance regulations, if you are to sell your policies on the ground.

How do you see the role of healthcare broker intermediaries in developing an understanding of international healthcare?

The role of the health insurance broker is as important now as it ever was. The specialist IPMI broker provides the customer, whether it be an individual or corporate group, with the peace of mind that they are getting the right cover at the best price with a provider who will deliver service.

Brokers now are having to work hard to match the precise demands of clients with terms available, as in the event of a claim, a client will want to know they are fully covered.

We have a strong technical back office support function and will work with brokers to develop and present often very complex proposals which might have differing levels of cover in differing countries for different staff grades. In this respect, your technical knowledge becomes highly integrated with the broker’s own in-house expertise.

Looking forward, we see this as a developing trend, policies will become more bespoke and complex, especially for group business.

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