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General And Medical

General And Medical
Established :    1980s
S & P Rating :    N/A
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General & Medical were established in the 1980s. The company offer a variety of healthcare insurance products. These range across use for individuals, companies, companies with employees working overseas and sports clubs amongst others. General & Medical has increased its client-base significant and has an increased online presence
General & Medicals company and individual ranges includes their Equs and Altus policy ranges. Their sports club includes cover for clubs playing rugby, football, cricket, golf, rowing, athletic clubs, horse riding and others
General and medical quote their mission statement as
"General & Medical a UK Company with International links, striving for excellence in the provision of financial and insurance services to professional and corporate bodies within the UK and a diverse client base globally. Our aim is to ensure the name General & Medical is synonymous with the words excellence, innovation, reliability and service, whilst providing our employees with a stimulating environment in which to grow"

General & Medical say of its private medical insurance services
"Nothing is more important to you than your health and the health of your family. If you or your loved ones were to experience worrying symptoms, private health insurance from General & Medical can give you some control over the situation. With private medical insurance diagnosis and treatment can be dealt with almost immediately so you can concentrate on getting well sooner.

When your doctor says tests or treatment is needed, appointments can be made at your chosen hospital within days. If further investigations or surgery is needed you can choose both the hospital and the consultant who will perform the procedure. Treatment can also be arranged at a date and time to fit around your life, work or family commitments.

General & Medical have agreements with hundreds of private hospitals throughout the UK where you will usually have your own private room with en-suite facilities, excellent food and unrestricted visiting hours. You are also likely to have the same consultant dealing with you throughout your treatment and nursing staff with more time to dedicate to your personal care."
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