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Patient Choice

Patient Choice
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PatientChoice is a trading name of Westfield Contributory Health Scheme Ltd, who have over 90 years experience in being a provider of health insurance policies. Patient Choice are a not-for-profit organisation which means they re-invest back into their services.

Patient Choice pride themselves on offering cost-effective private health insurance policies that are easy to understand. Patient Choice has policy variations on their central Hospital Treatment Plan policies. They offer medical policies for individuals as well as businesses. For individual cover they offer their Hospital Treatment Plan and Access Hospital Treatment Plan policies. For business cover they offer their PatientChoice Priority Plan, Essential Hospital Treatment Plan, Access Hospital treatment Plan and Premier Hospital Treatment Plan policies
Patient Choice explain their policy system further
          The operations and medical procedures that we cover under both the Hospital Treatment Plan and Access Hospital Treatment Plan are divided into 9 separate bands, each with their own budget. If you choose to have treatment privately, any money left over after hospital costs have been paid, is yours to keep. However, if you choose to be treated within the NHS, you will still receive a cash benefit

Patient Choice quote one of their client testimonials as follows "I cannot fault PatientChoice. The speed of answering calls and the straightforward explanations was remarkable. The financial settlement was equally speedily made. What a change from my previous provider"
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