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Established :    1990
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IMG has over twenty years of experience in international medical insurance. IMG offers international medical insurance for both short and long term suitability. It also offers some very specialised internation cover such as for student & staff and marine crew. For being established twenty years ago, it has grown quickly as a company. Img say of their growth
"In 20 years, IMG has grown to become a major administrator of international insurance products, providing services to more than a million people in countries worldwide. It has developed an extensive product portfolio that can be tailored to meet every need - from a short international business meeting to missionaries living and working in distant corners of the globe"
IMG take on a strong environmental ehtic in their work and were one of the first in their industry to be awarded the ISO 14001:2004 certification. 

You can find our more about IMG through one of their official YouTube video uploads below.
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