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Dencover is one of the major providers of dental insurance that is aimed at family based cover with low cost insurance plans. Dencover say of their service "Dencover dental plans offer individuals both low cost and comprehensive dental insurance plans. We also cover couples, extended family members and families with up to 4 children under the age of 18. Everyone enjoys the same wide range of benefits because all policies are the same. The only difference is the claim limit, we leave that up to you. Our dental policies cover up to 4 adults up to the age of 60.

Rather than the traditional cash plan or capitation scheme it is designed to help you manage the cost of everyday dental health care and treatment.

We started trading in early 2006 in response to the introduction of the Governments controversial NHS dental reforms. We felt that the market lacked an affordable product that encouraged regular visits to the dentist and was easy to understand.

We are a member of the British Dental Health Foundation and subscribe to their philosophy of actively encouraging regular dental visits to maintain your oral health."

Dencover offer a range of products including Dencover NHS, Dencover Silver, Dencover Gold, Dencover Platinum and Dencover Diamond.

Find out more about Devcover through one of their official YouTueb account videos below.

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