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Denplan Limited is the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist; with more than 6,500 member dentists nationwide caring for approximately 1.8 million Denplan registered patients.

Established in 1986 by two dentists who pioneered the concept of dental payment plans, Denplan has been at the heart of dental care for over 26 years and today are owned by Simplyhealth.

Denplan is also one of the partner companies in ADVO Group’s new healthylife service. In the latest in our exclusive interview series we chat with Pam Whelan, Corporate Sales Manager at Denplan (pictured left) to discuss the healthylife service, the future plans for Denplan and how the company has evolved over the years.

As part of our exclusive interview series we caught up with Pam Whelan, Corporate Sales Manager at Denplan to discuss Denplans involvement with ADVO Groups healthylife service and much more. 

You can read the full interview below.

What is it that makes Denplan unique?

Denplan has the advantage of having a sole focus – dentistry. This allows us to deliver relevant products and services to meet the needs of dentists, patients and companies.

What is the most popular / in-demand service you currently offer to clients? Why do you think this is?

We launched our Corporate Online services in January 2012 which allows employees to submit and track claims online in addition to other services. We do believe that individuals like to have a choice as to how they engage with us, either via phone or online. The success of our online service has surpassed our expectation and clearly evidenced that people are keen to conclude business online. This proposition is a unique and marketing leading service that sets Denplan apart from our competitors.

You recently joined forces with ADVO Group as part of the health life service. Please tell us about your involvement with this new service.

ADVO approached us with the opportunity to discuss a preferred provider arrangement and how we could support their Health and Wellbeing campaign. During this process we were able to evidence the wealth of knowledge we have in the dental arena and how we could support them in communicating the benefits of a dental plan and how they fit into a health and wellbeing strategy.

How well educated do you think today’s workforce is with regard to the correlation between good health and productivity?

I believe that today’s workforce is far more informed than ever before. This is as a result of all the good work that brokers have been doing with clients and this is an area that Denplan places much importance. We have a dedicated marketing function whose role it is to provide relevant collateral to communicate the health and wellbeing messages to employees. Our ability to do this has increased in line with the increase in the use of technology as a medium to communicate with employees.

Are there any industries or sectors that tend to be particularly good or bad when it comes to recognising the issue of employee health and wellbeing?

From experience any industry or sector can be both good and bad depending on the vision of the company. It is very clear when working with a client who has a strong wellbeing focus that the support we offer is readily accepted and has a positive impact on levels of engagement at employee level.

It is very clear when working with a client who has a strong wellbeing focus that the support we offer is readily accepted and has a positive impact on levels of engagement at employee level


How has the company changed and evolved since its establishment?

Denplan was established over 26 years ago by two dentists that wanted to help private dentists with their practice administration. The services that we provide to our member dentists over these years have evolved to include a range of administration support but also clinical compliance and regulatory support. We saw the opportunity to provide a solution to companies employees over ten years ago and this part of the business has grown to be a significant part of Denplan. Our resources that provide support to both dentists and companies work closely together so the knowledge that is gained through our support to dentists enables us to ensure the payment plans offered to companies are kept relevant and up to date for the changes that occur in the dental market.

What are the future plans for the business?

We are very excited about the Denplan Discount Network which launched in January this year. This is a network of over 1,500 dentists throughout the UK who offer a discount on the cost of dental treatments to employees who have Denplan as a dental benefit. For employees it will mean the benefits of their dental plan for eligible treatment will go further, and if the treatment costs are not covered by their plan e.g. cosmetic treatments, then they will benefit through reduced costs. We plan to grow this network throughout the year.

What does your typical day at Denplan involve?

No day is the same. I have a fantastic team working on new business, account management and renewals therefore each day brings its own challenges and rewards.

What kind of articles can we expect to find on the Denplan blog?

There are lots of oral health tips and advice on our new website miteeth.co.uk, where employees can learn about prevention, how good oral health can have a positive effect on your overall health, as well as tips for your diet like hidden sugars. There is also a section for family fun, where you can get your kids involved in learning about the importance of brushing and get good prevention tips!

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