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Established :    1947
S & P Rating :    N/A
Status :    Provident Association
Memberships :    GISC
Bupa are a leading international healthcare group offering personal and company health insurance, the running of care homes for older people and hospitals, workplace health services, health assessments and chronic disease management services, health coaching and home healthcare. Bupa does not have company shareholders and so is able to re-invest its profits back into itself. Bupa has a global reach with more than 50,000 employees and cover members in approximately 190 countries. Bupas predominant global presence lies within the United kingdom, Australia, Spain, New Zealand,the United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, China and throughout Latin America. 

The the 1950s Bupa established its first company health insurance policy. By 1955 Bupa membership had already exceeded 200,000. In the 1970s Bupa launched the Bupa foundation, an independent charity focusing on medical research funded by Bupa. In 1982 Bupa International was launched to provide worldwide medical cover to those seeking medical care away from their home country. In 1989 Bupa significantly expanded its presence by acquiring Sanitas which at the time was the leading healthcare organisation in Spain. In 1996 Bupa acquired thirty scare homes in the United Kingdom. More recently, in 2010 Bupa launched Max Bupa in India in partnership with Max India.

September 2012 saw a change in Bupas organisational structure. Bupa says of its new structure "The new structure is designed to give leaders more freedom and clearer accountability in their local markets allowing them to drive best practice, standardisation and customisation, as appropriate. From October 2012, our formerly three divisions (Care Services, International Markets and Europe and North America) are replaced by five market units - Australia and New Zealand, the UK, Spain and Latin America, International Development Markets and International Private Medical Insurance. By structuring ourselves by markets, we have the best opportunity to view our services from the perspective of our customers and respond accordingly. We also want to create deeper interdependence between our businesses and our corporate centre, and at the same time markets will be well placed to develop new sources of growth based on market insight and demand."

Fitch Rating (Long-Term, Issuer Default Rating) Bupa Insurance Ltd; A (23/06/2010)
Moodys Rating (Long Term Rating, Financial Stregth, Foreign Currency) A2 18/06/2009

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