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Expacare operate primarily through its Standardcare, Executivecare and Specialcare plans, which run on both an individual and group level. Their top three benefits in terms of most comprehensive cover are emergeny medical evacuation, hospital services and treatment for cancer all of which they announce as having full cover accross the Standardcare, Executivecare and Specialcare policies
Expacare say of their products
"We do not base our products on merely service or price alone, with Expacare, you receieve a total insurance solution based on integrity and a complete understanding of the international private medical insurance marketplace. We are passionate about providing for your international lifestyle and continually evolve our products and services to provide you with the means to live your life in confidence in a world outside your own"

As part of our exclusive interview series we interviewed Expacare Managing Director Beverly Cook (pictured left) to discuss what the most exciting things are about operating across such an enormous range of countries. You can read the full interview below.

What is it that makes Expacare unique?

Expacare prides itself on offering the highest levels of medical protection for its members wherever they are in the world. This is probably best illustrated by our current advertising headline, 30 years experience, 150 nationalities insured, 147 countries covered. During this time Expacare has innovated and led the market in a number of areas, examples of this being, the introduction of MHD underwriting for small company paid schemes (5 employees or more) as well as the provision to cover schemes with one employee on a simplified medical underwriting basis. We believe that this is still something that is not offered by our competitors currently. We also have always provided cover in full for chronic conditions and cancer coverage and members are also covered for medical emergency evacuation as standard. Finally, we do not operate a hospital network meaning our members have the freedom to choose where they get treated without restrictions from us. Of course we will always be happy to help a member find a suitable facility.

What direction or increased specialisation do you see Expacare taking in the future?

This is an interesting question as at the moment we are actually looking to see what additional products and related services we can offer our clients.

As clients become more sophisticated and demanding in their requirements we believe that they will be looking for an insurer who can offer a holistic approach to their needs and in this regard we would like to enhance our customer service proposition both in terms of product by offering related add on covers such as life assurance, income protection, travel insurance cover etc, as well as extending our online e commerce facilities which will give member greater control and access to manages their policy and claims.

What are the future plans for the company?

As stated above, we are looking to strategically grow our company and market position by way of organic growth through product and service innovation.


I also foresee that Insurers will continue to innovate with their use of technology, this is likely to involve giving members online underwriting and application facilities, membership adjustments, claims submission, tracking and settlement advice etc.


What future trends do you see emerging for the international health insurance industry?

The marketplace has grown significantly in recent times, with new entrants emerging on a regular basis. I would therefore suspect that we will shortly reach saturation point at which time a period of consolidation may well take place as it has done in the UK Pmi marketplace. I also foresee that Insurers will continue to innovate with their use of technology, this is likely to involve giving members online underwriting and application facilities, membership adjustments, claims submission, tracking and settlement advice etc. The other area I see that is likely to change is in claims, this being principally driven by the need to control and manage costs as a result of increased incidence, innovation and medical advances in areas of drug technologies. How this is to be achieved is a little difficult to predict, however this is an area that needs to be looked at by the industry moving forward. I also see a tremendous period of growth for Expacare over the next five years.

What does your typical day at Expacare involve?

Sounds clichéd; however I am pleased to say that there is no such thing as a typical day at Expacare. That having been said, I will usually start the day by catching up with our risk and pricing director in order to ascertain any evacuation or large claim notifications that she is working with our claims administrators on. I will then speak with our head of sales and marketing to discuss new business opportunities and market trends that need to be considered. I may then spend some time on my role as secretary to AIMIP (Association of International Medical Insurance Providers), who are currently working with the Heath Insurance Counter Fraud Group on an industry wide initiative to combat claims fraud. Then I may have meetings with our underwriters Brit Insurance to discuss product changes and the likely implications this will have on our performance and profitability. Finally I will then catch up on emails and other messages dealing with both client and broker queries.

What part of your role at Expacare gives you the most satisfaction?

The most satisfying part of the role is always being able to make a positive difference by providing a quality of claims management care and service to someone when they are experiencing what for them is very often a life threatening situation.

A close second would be the thrill of working on a new business proposition and client pitch and being told that Expacare have been selected as their IPMI partner.

Expacare has experience going back to 1982. What do you see as being some of the key changes and developments that have happened during this time?

The world has changed so much since 1982 however in all that time a client’s basic requirements remain unaltered, in so far as they are payingExpacarefor a promise. A promise that when they need us to, we will efficiently pay a claim for them within the terms and conditions of our policy. How that is achieved, what is covered, where that cover is effected have all altered markedly in thirty years, the promise however has not. Key to this has been technology and the way that this dominates our lives and those of our members. Who in 1982 when we were still receiving two day old telex communications at the office can have imagined the possibility that we could have a video conference call with a client anywhere in the world and if supporting documentation was required this could be sent to us electronically whilst we were talking.

Expacare offer benefits to 150 countries worldwide. What opportunities or exciting elements has this provided?

Another interesting question and one that is clouded a little by regulatory and licensing requirements that are beginning to spring into place around the world. Inevitably however it brings to mind claims scenarios that have occurred such as members we have evacuated and who have subsequently gone on to make full recoveries from the emergencies that they had suffered.

Has it also caused any barriers to overcome at any point such as with regard to the multitude of languages or logistics involved?

Language and logistics always present challenges; however both our in-house administration team and our claims service partners are used to working and dealing with clients in a multitude of languages.

What is Expacare’s relationship with intermediaries and do you see scope for further development?

Expacare has always had strong and good relationships having worked with brokers from day one and during the thirty years they have given us great support and business volumes during that time, but we would always like more. To this regard we have focussed the launch of our new small group product ‘Choices’ to the intermediary market.

For the future we are keen to continue to build these relationships and as part of this process actively involve intermediaries in product development and service innovations at the earliest opportunity prior to them being launched. We would like them to share their opinions on how they and their clients would likeExpacareto develop over the next thirty years.

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