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National Friendly

National Friendly
Established :    1868
S & P Rating :    N/A
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National Friendly was established over 140 years ago in 1868 by Reverend Canon George Portal, John Pares, William Rock Carling and David Williamson. Its main products are individual cover, group cover and a life plan for people over fifty. Formerly known as National Deposit Friendly Society  and National Deposit, National Friendly has been trading under its current name and logo from 2008
National Friendlys individual cover includes their Healthcare Deposit Account, their group healthcare policy is the Group Healthcare Deposit Account and their over fifty life cover plan is their 50+ Life Plan

In 2003 National Friendly established the Foundation Fund to provide discretionary funds to deserving causes. These causes are decided through nominations from National Friendly members as well as the companys staff. National Friendly say of the Foundation Fund "Over a period of four years, £500,000 was added to our investment portfolio and at the end of each year a share of the profits from the portfolio is made available for grants. We currently have around £50,000 which we can use to make a difference to charities or individuals that you, our members, feel are worthy. 2010 has seen some major changes to the way we manage the Fund and in July the newly formed Foundation Fund committee, consisting of three members of staff and three members from our Focus Group, met for the first time to create a new terms of reference for the Fund. The committee also agreed to two new grant payments. The first was that the amount raised by staff for the Lily Foundation in 2010 will be matched up to £5,000 and the second grant was for a £2,000 payment to Houghton on the Hill charity Parklife Youth. Parklife Youth was brought to the attention of the society by member and local lady, Ann Sleath. Set up by a group of volunteers who wanted to replace the old and tired looking playground with something new and beneficial for the community and working in partnership with the Houghton Field Association, the group is trying to raise £35,000. National Friendly recognised the benefits a new playground would bring to the local community and was happy to contribute to the much needed funds."
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