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Legal And General

Legal And General
Established :    1836
S & P Rating :    Legal & General Group PLC, Issuer Credit Rating (Foreign and Local Long Term) A (09/02/2010)
Status :   
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Legal & General are of the UKs leading providers of savings, risk and investment management products. They have experience join back incredible 176 years. They point out that this gives them a proven track record of performing in every kind of economic climate that may present itself. The latest figures from June 2012 show that Legal & General invested an enormous £388 billion globally on behalf of their policy holders, investors and shareholders. 

Legal & General are a company that pride themselves of how important they see corporate responsibility. Legal & General say of their corporate responsibility "At Legal & General, our mission is to build a company, which, every single day, becomes better at serving customers and rewarding shareholders. Our role is to help our customers make financial decisions that matter in the long term and which may define the future quality of their lives. We regard our business as socially necessary and important to the broader economy. As well as meeting the requirements of direct stakeholders including customers, shareholders and employees, we fulfil a broader role within society. Our challenge is to listen to and engage with indirect stakeholders, utilising their expertise and perspective to challenge and inform our business direction.
We believe that businesses are ultimately judged by their ability to be both economically and socially useful, as well as environmentally efficient. Our approach to setting our targets and measuring our performance in the CSR area is correspondingly robust."

In amongst a variety of financial services and cover, Legal & General offer life insurance and critical illness cover. The critical illnesses insurance provides cover for thirty-nine different illnesses. The critical illness cover is a central element to the products Legal & General provide. Legal & General say (with regard to their critical illness cover) "In 2009 we paid 2,149 claims. The average pay out was £70,331 and the largest was £750,000. Our five-star critical illness cover can be added to any of our life insurance policies. If you choose to add critical illness cover, it means that the policy will provide a cash sum to help you and your family financially if you were to die, or be diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses we cover during its term."
Moodys Rating (Long-Term Issuer Rating) Legal & General Group Plc A3 (18/05/2010)

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