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InterGlobal provides international health insurance for expatriates. It also covers people who travel frequently and and international business people all over the world. InterGlobal cover individuals, families and corporate or affinity groups
InterGlobal are an award-winning international private healthcare company. They have grown quickly since their establishment in 1998. Ther now have ten offices worldwide and have customers in 189 countries. Their head-office in the UK is in Surrey
InterGlobal has encorporated Red24 into its system. Red24 are security experts and InterGlobal are proud that this provides planholders with 24/7 security services as part of their InterGlobal healthcare membership
InterGlobal say of their financial performance
In 2007, InterGlobal became a fully fledged, FSA regulated insurance company with an A.M. Best financial strength rating of B++ (Good)

As part of our exclusive interview series we put the questions to InterGlobal’s Group Sales & Marketing Director Paul Weigall (pictured left). We discuss what makes InterGlobal unique, the focus of the business in the future and much more.

You can read the full interview below.

What is it that makes InterGlobal unique:

There are many features that make InterGlobal unique! However, we believe there are three features which really make InterGlobal stand out in the IPMI market. First, our commitment to high standards of customer service, which has been recognised by multiple industry awards. Second our international network of offices which means we have knowledgeable staff on the ground, where our members need us. Third, our 100% commitment to the IPMI market. We are a full insurer, rather than a Managing General Agency, which gives us full control over our products and underwriting. We only offer IPMI, which means we can focus all our attention on our members and are not distracted by offering other products and services in different markets.


Our principle business focus in the near term is on controlling the cost of IPMI to ensure that our plans continue to offer value for money to our members


What direction or increased specialisation do you see InterGlobal taking in the future? What are the future plans for the company?

We will retain our 100% focus on providing high quality IPMI to corporate groups and individual expatriates, frequent travellers and international business people all over the world. Our principle business focus in the near term is on controlling the cost of IPMI to ensure that our plans continue to offer value for money to our members. We are working closely with medical providers to manage cost, with our corporate members to improve their claims records and with the wider industry to eliminate incidences of fraud and other dishonest practices which disadvantage all honest members.

What future trends do you see emerging for the health insurance industry (either within the UK or globally or feel free to talk about both)?

The big trends in the international PMI market are cost containment, the development of more niche and regionalised products, designed to exactly fit the needs of members, and an increase in online delivery of member and broker services. We are well positioned in each of these key areas.

What does your typical day at InterGlobal involve?

There isn’t a typical day at InterGlobal! My role covers an oversight of all sales and marketing for the company, so one day I may be visiting one of our international offices, to support our regional teams which deliver local services to our members; the next I may be making a presentation to a major international employer, seeking top quality cover for their expatriate staff. The following day may be reviewing our advertising, promotional activity or online delivery plans. Fortunately I am supported by an outstanding team of colleagues who are all focused on delivering excellent service to our members.

What part of your role at InterGlobal gives you the most satisfaction?

The knowledge that we are doing our very best to deliver an outstanding level of personal service to our members and their advisers and the fact that we are there to support our members in a medical emergency when and where they need us, wherever they are in the world.

InterGlobal has operated since 1998. How has the company evolved over that time? Has the focus of the business shifted to any different or new areas or markets over that time?

We have focused solely on delivering high quality international private medical insurance to our members since we launched in 1998. The major change to our business came in 2007 when we moved from being an agency to a fully regulated insurance company. This move was part of an initiative with Alchemy Partners, a private equity firm, and InterGlobal management. It has enabled us to maintain complete control over our products and underwriting for the benefit of our members.

InterGlobal has quite a comprehensive product range. What are some of the key policies you offer?

Our plans are marketed under the UltraCare brand and are available at five levels of cover:

  • UltraCare Standard: A high quality IPMI plan for expatriates seeking cost effective cover. It includes full in-patient and daycare treatment, hospital cash benefit and emergency evacuation and repatriation.
  • UltraCare Select: Provides the wide range of benefits available on our Standard plan, plus cover for out-patient treatment, chronic medical conditions and terminal illness.
  • UltraCare Comprehensive: Comprehensive is designed for expatriates who require cover for out-patient care in addition to full in-patient and daycare treatment. Dental treatment and wellness benefits are also included.
  • UltraCare Plus: A high level plan, for expatriates who require higher levels of cover. It includes all the benefits of the Comprehensive plan but with higher limits plus cover for in-patient psychiatric treatment.
  • UltraCare Elite: Our highest level plan, including enhanced benefits for cancer care, increased limits for complementary medicine, cover for annual dental checkups, and the addition of cover for psychotherapy treatment.

We allow our members to tailor their plans to their exact requirements, by opting for an increased deductible to reduce their premium, or pay a 10% additional premium to benefit from treatments with no deductibles.

We have also developed niche IPMI plans to provide cost effective, tailored cover to specific expatriate groups. These include our Africa UltraCare plan which offers cover within the continent, as well as ourInternationalSchoolsand International Students plans.

What social media channels can Interglobal be found on? What type company or industry news can we expect to find?

InterGlobal is developing its social media presence, we have a corporate Facebook page www.facebook.com/interglobalpmi and you can follow us on Twitter: @InterGlobal and also LinkedIn.

InterGlobal has picked up an impressive collection of awards, are there any that were particularly special to receive?

It’s always good to have our standards of service to our members recognised and we are proud of all the awards we have received. It was very special to win the COVER Excellence Award, International PMI Provider of the Year for the third year in succession in 2011, especially as the judging panel is made up of industry experts. Winning recognition from our industry peers is pretty special.

A recent article on the InterGlobal website talked about the company increasing its business development and operational teams in Asia. Can you explain some of the changes that you have been making here?

We believe it is vitally important to have people based locally to be able to provide on the spot service to our members and their advisers. It also means we know the healthcare market intimately, so we can advise our members on the best locations for treatment, and also to keep a careful eye on overall medical costs. Asiais a magnet for expatriates and internationally mobile people and we have continued to build up our presence in the region with additional country managers and operations managers. We now have a total of 6 offices inAsia, out of a total of 11 offices worldwide.

Interglobal has launched its new health insurance news portal (http://www.interglobal.com/health-insurance-news/). What are some of the features that can be found here?

Our online health insurance news magasine ‘The InterGlobal Expat’ is a new resource we are building to help expatriates get the most out of their international placements. It contains news and features for expats from around the world, together with blog postings and useful information. It’s early days but we are building the content over time to make the site a one-stop information and guidance source for expats.

How do think international healthcare intermediaries can be encouraged to place more business with InterGlobal?

We believe our high standards of personal service to our members and their healthcare intermediaries, coupled with our high quality plans, regional presence and exclusive focus on IPMI marks InterGlobal out as the ideal partner for healthcare intermediaries and their clients. We also have a very flexible approach to business and are pleased to work closely with intermediaries to tailor plans to their clients’ exact needs.

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