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CS Healthcare

CS Healthcare
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CS Healthcare are a major provider of private medical insurance to all section of the civil service, public sector as well as not-for-profit organisations. CS Healthcare have experience going back over 80 years. As well as providing for individuals in the public sector, CS Healthcare is also without company shareholders. This means that the company is able to use their funds to keep premiums at a low level. 

CS Healthcare say of its service "CS Healthcare is a friendly society, run for the benefit of our members. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of personal service and it is this service that gives you access to experienced UK based staff, who are dedicated to helping you. We look after our members and it makes a difference. 94% of existing members would recommend CS Healthcare to friends and family*. This is an enviable figure and one we have gained for good reason. Whilst many of our members join to save money with our low cost health insurance, its the excellent levels of personal service that ensures they stay. In fact, a staggering 100% of new members rate our overall service as excellent or good. At CS Healthcare, one of our main objectives has always been to ensure that our members are treated fairly, something we believe we have been doing well for a long time and is the foundation of what we do. As a member of CS Healthcare, we hope you’ll feel that you are treated as an individual rather than simply a policyholder. We believe that the principles of Treating Members Fairly, or Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) as the Financial Services Authority (FSA) describe it, are integral to everything we do."
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