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Vitality Health

Vitality Health
Established :    1992
S & P Rating :    N/A
Status :    Discovery Holdings
Memberships :    N/A
PruHealth is becoming VitalityHealth. PruHealth was launched in 2004 as a joint venture between Prudential and Discovery. In 2010, Discovery increased its shareholding to 75% and is now taking full ownership of PruHealth. As a result, PruHealth will be changing its name to VitalityHealth, formally PruHealth entered the health insurance industry in late 2005 and is now a 25% / 50% joint venture between the Prudential and Discovery, one of South Africa’s largest health insurers. 

Discovery Holdings Ltd purchased Standard Life Healthcare on 31 July 2010, making PruHealth the 4th largest insurer in the UK. PruHealth are known for their product innovation and their proactive attitude. Standard Life is renowned for their customer service, administration and the flexibility of their products. 

In the last quarter of 2014 Discovery completely brought the insurance arm of PruHealth re-branding as VitalityHealth. VitalityHealth include the ‘No Shortfall Promise’ guaranteeing complete payment of accepted claims regardless of hospital and specialist charges including cover for end of life and palliative care. The Vitality Partners and Rewards included in all the products have made this the unique selling point of VitalityHealth proposition.

Vitality Partners and Rewards 

Vitality Partners is a unique benefit that is available only through VitalityHealth.  The programme has been designed to encourage members to live a healthy lifestyle with an ethos of prevention being better than cure. The Vitality program is based on a points system; all employees and dependants begin on Bronze level and throughout the policy year can gain points through a variety of healthy living activities. This increases their Vitality status to Silver, Gold and then the top level Platinum. At the end of each policy year, dependent on the member’s claiming activity and vitality status members will receive cash back to spend as they choose. 

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