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Established :    1919
S & P Rating :    N/A
Status :    Wholly owned by HSA a Mutual
Memberships :    N/A
Simplyhealth is one of the biggest medical insurance providers in the UK. They currently have more than 3 million customers and patients and serve almost 4 million people. Simplyhealth now also includes Denplan, the UKs largest provider of dental plans, which helps nearly two million people to access dental care and treatment. On April 26th 2012 Simplyhealth also acquired Groupama Healthcare. Simplyhealths company name has changed several times throughout its 140 year history. It has previously been known as HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF, Totally Active, Remedi and Medisure. The company was named Simplyhealth in September 2009 when HSA, BCWA, LHF, Healthsure and Totally Active merged together. Simplyhealth is also without shareholders. This means the company either reinvests its funds back into itself directing benefiting its members, or alternatively it gives funds away to a range of health care related charitable causes.

Simplyhealth is known for having high levels of customer satisfaction. According to the 2010 Simplyhealth Customer Satisfaction Survey, 80% of Simplyhealths customers would recommend Simplyhealth to a friend. Simplyhealth says of its operations "Many organisations are known for caring and personal customer service. Our brand shows that we too want to be judged on our high standards. Healthcare is about being there for the individual, so we do not treat our customers as policy numbers, we help them access affordable healthcare and offer whatever support we can. Simplyhealth, just like our legacy companies, has always complemented the NHS. Our cash plans help people with their everyday health, whether they use NHS or private practitioners. Our private health insurance works alongside the NHS, and is often provided by companies as an employee benefit to help staff at times of ill health."

Simplyhealth have a very active social media presence, company blog and YouTube account. Below is one of the videos from the Simplyhealth official YouTube account showing their first ever advert. The video also provides some additional information on the company.

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