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AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA PPP Healthcare
Established :    1940
S & P Rating :    AA- (as at 18th October 2006)
Status :    Subsidiary of quoted parent (AXA)
Memberships :    Financial Ombudsmans Service
AXA PPP healthcare is one of the largest private medical insurance providers in the UK with a huge level of experience going back over 70 years. AXA PPP has an enormous network of over 250 hospitals and just under 400 scanning centres. In 2009 AXA PPP Healthcare paid out £793.6m in healthcare benefits.

AXA PPP were established in 1940 as the London Association for Hospital Services. The first plan, called The Hospital Services Plan, was launched in 1943. Subscriber numbers grew until in 1962 the name was changed to Private Patients Plan. By 1984, through the introduction of innovative schemes, over one million people were covered by Private Patients Plan. In 1993 Denplan, the UKs largest dental insurer was acquired. During the mid 90s further developments were made with the introduction of employee assistance programs just one example of a broadening of the health offering. In 1998 Private Patients plans were acquired by Guardian Royal Exchange, but as a mutual with no shareholders the proceeds (£540 million) went to the PPP healthcare medical trust, established since 1975 to aid medical research. In 1999 Guardian Royal Exchange was acquired by a subsidiary of AXA and in 2002 Private Patients Plan was renamed AXA PPP Healthcare.

The AXA Group as a whole provides a range of services including insurance, protection, savings, retirement and financial planning to more than 50 million customers globally. The AXA Group has approximately 110,000 employees.

AXA Hearts in Action is AXA’s global community partnership programme which provides volunteer and charity fundraising opportunities for employees. it is designed to build links between AXA and local communities. It acts as a guideline for community involvement but allows local offices to develop programmes that are suitable for their employees and local community needs.

Fitch Rating (Insurer Financial Strength) AA- (20/03/2009)
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